Thursday, May 26, 2011

"The Unsung HERO"

(Believe me.. I thought atleast 10 times before writing this post because even though its just the reality I am writing about, It would look like I am boasting about myself, Which I very rarely do. But something inside me was pushing me to write this up & let everyone know the title awarded to me by our Team Manager after he went through my blog! Very rarely people have appreciated me for what I have done and something of this range has been as rare as almost once in a decade! So did not want to miss sharing this moment with you people And my new craze about photoshop would not allow me to post this writing without a good-looking snap of mine, edited to include the hardly earned title!)

It is really surprising how sometimes people treat you, praise you, when they find out you have rare talents! The word rare is always subjective! I might be just another blogger among you people but, in an IT company full of people always busy with some serious technical and financial stuff, blogging is considered one of the rarest talents!

I came across such a situation last week in my office when I announced to my teammates that one of my poems has got published in a Kannada weekly magazine. Everyone became silent for a moment... Perhaps they didnt know what to say! One guy from north spoke up "What? Poem? You wrote a poem? Show me..." He snatched the magazine from my hands in disbelief. He wanted to make sure by himself I was not kidding! However he could not read Kannada and the confusions & doubts refused to clear from his face as he continued to stare at me with an awkward expression! I continued to reveal that I have this hobby of writing poems, stories, photography, blogging etc. Finally atlast someone managed to come out of the confused sate and say "Oh! that's a great talent you have buddy!" Only then the other people came out of surprise and realised it was their turn to add a few more words of praise! I shared my blog link with everryone later that day. With in minutes everyone came back to me asking the same question "Is everything in this website written by you? Really?" I had to double confirm everyone, "Yes, 100%".

The next day when I arrived at office, I could see people giving me a big greeting smile that persisted on their face for atleast a minute more than usual, even by the faces that never turned at my arrival! I was startled! I got to know the reason only when I arrived at our bay. Their was mail from our Team Manager that was sent out to the Director of Operations, putting the entire team into CC... It was about me & my blog... The subject line of the mail was "The Unsung HERO - Pradeep Rao"!

In the past we have seen that letters written by great people have been published. I consider my Team Manager and the Director of Operations of our MNC IT company to be among such great people & hence decided to e-publish their e-mail about me here...

Thank you


From: Naveen Shivalingappa
Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2011 10:44 PM
To: Sriki Vengarai
Cc: (Entire team)
Subject: The Unsung HERO - Pradeep Rao

Hi Sriki,

We have got an unsung hero in our Tier-2 team whose hidden talent has gone unnoticed & one of his poem (Based on OBAMA + RAMAYANA = OBAMAYANA) has been selected to publish in local magazine named “Mangala” which was his first attempt.

When he was a kid, he used to write for DECCAN HERALAD for kids section & after his long 12 years gap his recent/first attempt has been successful.

And it will be really good, If you could nominate him for SPIRIT team so that his talent can be used during any cultural activities happen in our centre. The funniest part, he has written one poem on our Team as well.

Back to bench!

Here goes the project again..
Putting the team's efforts in vain,
The people who took pressure and pain
Those who scratched heads and brain,
Seem to have missed their last train!

We thought we were well on track
Suddenly we were told to pack-
Up the things and move to bench,
Business requirements are often so strange!

People who earlier appreciated our struggle
Now give a sneak peek and giggle
As we search for videos in google

Before even the beginning of world cup 2011
Our team of eleven hard(ly) hitting batsmen
Are happily, blissfully back to pavillion
Still we say we are one in million!

Below are some of his blogs & recent achievements.




  1. pradeep itz IT industry rarely people will identify such things...u have got a good manager..

  2. Thank you Girish, Its true that IT industries are so ignorant about the local language & culture. That's why we could see so many great writers blaming IT industries for cultural degrading of society during the Bangalore Kannada sammelana. There was no donation from the IT industry for the event! Regarding our Manager, Naveen is such a wonderful person! He too is a Kannadiga.

  3. its really nice Pradeep , congrats.. keep writing

  4. very nice.. congrats pradeep
    all the best ..
    keep writing

  5. Thank you madam..

    keep coming :)

  6. very nice pradeep.......heege barithairi.....neevu ondu vishayana present maado reethi tumba chennagide..

  7. Thanks a lot Rak.. Shocked to see you here after nearly 1 year! what brought you back here?

  8. ur writings only pradeep....

  9. Hey Rak.. Thanks a lot! I am so happy to see you back again!

  10. Sitaram Sir.. thank you very much!