Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Girl Next Door

(Photo Courtesy-
A beautiful painting by Iman Maleki

I have written this poem to fit into the tune of Kannada song "Koncha Reshime... Koncha Hunnime..." from the recent movie Olave Vismaya. Please try singing it according to that tune & tell me whether it fits the tune or not...

She is Beautiful
My heart is getting full
My eyes are blinking wide
It's really hard to believe!

Days are going dull
Times are horrible
When she is not around
How I'm supposed to live?

My soul is craving to speak to her
Why didn't really she bother ever?
To have a look at me... Oh dear!

|| She is Beautiful.. ||

Whenever I've come in front of you
I've forgotten everything without a clue
Your words have melted me to be true
Like the sunshine melts the dew

Eversince I fell in love with you
Sky doesn't really look so blue
I'm searching reasons to speak to you
And I am left with... only a few!

Daily before sunrise
I will see your eyes
And tell the moon tonight
"you are not so bright!"

She doesn't really care
This is not so fair
Tell me is it right
For you the street guys fight

Tell me why did you push me to craze?
And tell me is it end or just a phase?
Why in dreams I see your face?

|| She is Beautiful.. ||

Seeing you daily I spent years
Waited in patience, to come out of fears
It's the time to confess dear
I was so lucky to stay so near

I'm in confusion, make it clear
Seconds have become long as hour
If you say yes then I'm yours
Otherwise I'm dead, drowned in tears!

|| She is Beautiful.. ||


  1. hmmm thanks a lot for posting something in english :) its really nice except for few words :)

  2. very nice... nannge she is beautiful.... is true song nenapaytu... good heege barita iri

  3. Thank you Anil! and welcome to my blog..

  4. Hey Thank you Swaroop.. It would be really helpful if you would mention those few words which you felt not nice.. I will improve next time.. :)

  5. Thank You Manasu.. I didn't really get which song is it that you remembered... can you please give me some detail regarding that..

  6. V.R. Bhat sir.. Its really nice to see you visiting after long time.. thank you for your continuos support.

  7. Thanks Sitaram Sir.. Just trying in English also!