Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jiah Khan - RIP

She believed in love
She believed in its purity
She embraced with innocence
A bond without surety

Gave her heart to a traitor
Overlooked all his deeds
He left her a gift in belly
Satisfying his youthful needs
Such a bold actress onscreen
Couldn’t make up her mind
Cowardly gave up her life for him
Really love is blind!

Love thrills... but speed kills...


  1. RIP...
    Shez Beautiful.... Agree Love Is Blind....

  2. Very nice lines Pradeep..... A very sad story of the lost love

  3. Nicely Written Pradeep.. Am also fan of Zia.. RIP her soul.. :(

    1. May she find peace & true love atleast in her next rebirth. Thank you.

  4. Kannada actress Jayanthi in an interview about 20 years back said "actor and actress are sentimental fools...they dont know how to balance the life...what they say on the screen life will not be like that" many actors and actress lost their life in search of eternal word "the Love"...Nice poem Pradeep thumbs up :-)