Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Farewell Colleagues

Apoorv Rathore, Vignesh & Me - My Best Team mates
Its the time for farewell colleague,
But dont say goodbye!
As i leave with a filled eye...
This sudden decision is hard to believe;
Will remember you as years pass by.

Very rarely we find people,
Who share feelings subtle;
Who make the workplace,
A lively funny worship place;
Who guide us through the dark
And wipe off tears without a mark!

In todays world very few,
Support when others are against you;
You were one such rare person
Who would turn..
A boring work to fun!

I was so lucky to work with you,
So much did I learn,
Hope to get your valuable advise
Whenever there is a concern.
sharing a lighter moment with pizzas & coke
Your big smile was relief for others
"Machchi" - As you called us brothers
You were a legend of courtesy,
Again and again whom all hope to see

I remember how your vast knowledge
saved me once from hanging cliff edge
I am leaving...
With a heavily filled light memory!
hoping to find again our lost glory.

Me & Vignesh

Striking funny phose!

Our favourite Internet enabled Apple MAC PC!

Those leasurely weekend night shifts with no work & we watched IPL matches live!

The First Year anniversary Party of our Network Operations team

Goodbye to the company which brought a big difference to my Career, Life & Way of thinking...

" The Cable got unplugged & now I am Wireless... "


  1. hi pradeep excellent,,,words ,,are,,,,really meaningful..enri,,naavu kuvempu bendre,,tara andukondidvi,,,neevu shaksepere kooda howdu,,,,englishnallu,,,,full rocking,,,any way,,at last,,,,these lines
    "Goodbye to the company which brought a big difference to my career, Life & Way of thinking...
    " The Cable got unplugged & now I am Wireless... "
    this was,,marvellous....keep writing,,,

  2. Sathya tumba hogulutiddira... tumba thanks!!

  3. Nice.. all the best for your carrier.. where are you joining now.

  4. Thank you Prathap... :) Will be joining shortly to another MNC.. which one?.. will inform u personally.. :)

  5. 'vidaya'da kshanavannu arthavaththaagi bimbisiddiri. munduvarisi. nanna blog gomme banni.

  6. Sagaradaacheya inchara & manamuktha Tumba thanks.

    Prabhamaniyavre tumba dhanyavaadagalu. nimma blog ge khandita baruve...

  7. nice !
    all the best in new venture.
    The way you love the life & reveal it through poetry -marvellous

  8. excellent creation Pradeep.. thanks for making us to recall those funny days !!! Hareesh

  9. Thanks a lot Reeves!!

    Thanks a lot Hareesh!!